According to Phones 4u, email is the “cancer of British business”, although to be fair, CEO John Caudwell does point out he’s referring to the misuse of email. Well, maybe they should crack down on those amongst their employes that send pointless email? I mean, the misuse of mobile phones is a Bad Thing, but should we ban them altogether? Dunno, let’s ask John…

domipix public

I’ve opened a public bit to my pix website at There’s not much there right now, but I’ll add more pix and more info ASAP… [I just noticed it’s a bit screwy, CSS-wise, in older Geckos… I’ll fix that at some point]

Update: I fixed the render bug, but because of spiralling numbers of photos, I’ve changed the site already: goes straight there…

Another Update: my pix have all moved over to pbase (cop out, I know…) – still works to get you there.

Fray Day is an annual celebration of true storytelling that takes place in cities all over the globe on the same weekend.All over the globe? 1 location (ONE) is not USA. Now, maybe I’ve got this wrong and there are other events all over the globe but it certainly doesn’t look like it.

hosting move

My site’s just moved over to – a new project that I hope to have up and running very soon. will redirect over to