Larsson for Barça

The BBC news site reports that Henrik Larsson will be signing for Barça. Well, his agent “claims he is close to signing for the Catalans.” Hope so. I think Ronaldinho might just be able to provide a goal or two for Henrik.

¿Hablas Espanol?

Search Engine Watch has an interesting article entitled *Search Marketing & the Spanish Speaking Internet* discussing the worldwide Spanish-speaking market and its potential value, focusing primarily on Latin America. It’s a little short if you don’t subscribe, but does manage to balance the positives with the realities of doing business in this as-yet largely untapped market.

Time for change?

Catalunya vs. Brasil
I’ve said *this* for a while, but maybe it’s about time they actually went ahead with separate autonomous national teams in Spain? I doubt Catalunya would do any worse than the *selección española* and most likely they’d manage to do a lot better. They held their end up against Brasil (although once the scoring started, it *started*) and that’s without the catalans who play for Spain. And one thing’s for sure: they’d be better than Scotland.

Case mods

Now, I’m not that into case mods, as they definitely tend towards the silly and juvenile, but Orac3, found via Gizmodo, is quite a piece of work. Nice.

While we’re at it, I might as well link to another I saw on Gizmodo: Blackmesa HL 2.