Flickr geotagging


I’m loving the Flickr geotagging, but obviously the problem comes with the fact that it was Yahoo! and not Google that bought Flickr… To be honest, for absolutely anywhere I’ve taken a photo, it’s almost impossible to pinpoint it on the Yahoo! “maps”. You’ve got half a chance with the satellite imagery, but it’s all very poor as compared with Google Maps. I’ll have to stick with loc.alize for now and import later.

Barcelona humour.

22 arroba

Black humour, really. And I like black humour, but this is not that funny. I was having a quick peek at to see the lay of the land in the web/tech sector in Barcelona and it’s not a pretty sight:

  • companies looking for experienced analyst/programmers and expecting to pay 900€ a month – that’s NET of tax, though!
  • offers for PHP/MySQL jobs that then ask you to know Java, ASP a bit of C++ and why not? Photoshop and Flash as well! WTF does a self-respecting PHP coder want to know bleeding ASP for?

When I came to Barcelona in 1999 I noted the difference between here and the UK, but suggested it would improve. It hasn’t, still. Of course, I go through this process every year so maybe I should just let it go?