From my limited experience of Fox News (it’s hard to stand for too long), this seems like a great idea, if it was technically likely to work. FOX Blocker filters out FOX News when you put it inline on your cable input. It’s just a notch filter for a certain frequency, so it’s only going to work with analogue input and only if the frequency is the same. But I don’t suppose that’s the point – the fact of buying it (and getting your name added to an email to the top 10 advertisers on FOX News, to let them know that you’ve opted out of seeing it) is the point. They say openly that they’re a for-profit business but that they will do the right thing and pass on any profit to anti-FOX News sites.

glow brick

Oooh, this is nice!

“glow in the dark nightlight is as simple as it gets: a light bulb set in a clear solid brick.

Recharges from energy in natural light during the day – glows at night!”

Yours for $45. Very nice.

Skype phones

Now that Skype let you buy credit for SkypeOut in Spain with Paypal, rather than being stuck with Moneybookers (nothing wrong with it, per se, but hassle to add credit last time I checked), I’m looking out for cool VOIP phone sets. Maybe a headset would be simplest, but I’d like to check out the possible normal-style handset phone options as well. This one at Maplin looks OK – they don’t say what brand it is, just “USB Skype Phone”, so if anyone know anything about it, let me know, pls. [I’ll add anything else I find on VOIP phones in general on this item…]

[Update: no sooner said than googled: this Skype USB to RJ11 adaptor looks pretty cool, if a *little* pricey (if you compare with a USB handset).]


It’s bloody snowing! In Tarragona! Last time this happened, they had a book about it. (Photo clichés to come…)