Mailplane is almost excellent.


I’ve just been trying Mailplane which is a nice OS X desktop app for Gmail.

– Drag and drop to attach a file? Check!
– Automatically take and send screenshots? Check!
– Send pics from iPhoto? Check!
– Optionally optimise photo attachments? Check!
– Growl integration? Check!

The screengrabbing and sending in one swift move is very nice, if you end up doing that sort of thing a lot.

But, why provide an interface (this *is* just a wrapper around Webkit, after all) to one of, if not *the* best keyboard-controllable web app there is, then not allow the same shortcuts? All those years (yes, years!) beating Gmail shortcuts into my fingers! Actually, it’s not so much the years using Gmail as the previous years using Mutt, and for that matter vi/vim, that made these shortcuts automatic. That’s why, when I first looked at Gmail as a possible replacement for Mutt, the fact that there was *no* change of habit really impressed me. (And that includes the conversations/threading model, too.)

Well, nice try uncomplex, but I’ll stick to for my Gmail window for now.


It would be unbelievable if it wasn’t something I’ve almost come to expect here: Movistar’s iPhone page only works in IE.