Scary robo-felines

If you ask me, cats are scary enough, but the robot variety freaks me out. The movie for Nocoro’s felines should give you an idea what I mean ;)

Go George!

I just watched the BBC’s video highlights (see main page) of George Galloway on Capitol Hill. I know, as most sane people know, that much of what constitutes American politics (don’t even mention “justice”) isn’t built on intelligent reasoning, but if that is the best Senator-lawyer combination they can come up with, it’s quite a scary situation.

In any case, nice one George – I hope they make the mistake of continuing to persue it!

Phobile Handset review

Pocket Lint has a review of the quite cool (IMHO) Phobile Handset from Firebox. I have to say I don’t think it’s as ironic and throw-away as both the review and Firebox themselves say. Like most people I know I never use a landline, so at home it’d be pretty useful to have a “large-format” handset. Of course, this is all academic when you use Skype for all your calls, but for the incoming it’s quite nice.