I’ve just installed Gentoo Linux for the first time and I definitely like its style. Very slick, and emerge is very nice. It was quite good fun trying to get support working for NForce networking, but not particular harder (and certainly a lot clearer) than getting it work in Mandrake 9.x.

It's all gone pear-shaped!

PearPC running nicely on XPNow, this I like: PearPC is officially the awesome-est thing I’ve seen for a fair bit. And me about to buy a bloody iMac just to test sites on… Anyways, it certainly does the trick for Safariing around and all that stuff that you do with a Mac.

On yer feet, son…

So, while I’m happy about Larsson and Guily, I’m definitely not convinced about Deco. Good player and all that, but why can he not stay vertical for more than a couple of minutes?

Wrong end of the stick…

How to misquote: a lesson in bad journalism from Nicola Bruno’s account of the Kodak DCS SLR/c review in Digital Photograph Review [sic] is a masterclass in not knowing your subject and freely chucking in partial snippets of quotes from somewhere else to produce a piece. And I quote: “The first 14 megapixel digital SLR” – it’s not 14Mp, and whatever it is, it’s got exactly the same sensor as the last Kodak dSLR; “The Kodak DCS Pro is now the second camera to have a true 35mm size sensor” – it’s not even called DCS Pro; “it’s also the only camera to support Canon mount lenses”; “the capability to capture images at 4560 x 3048, 19 of them in RAW format in only 1.7 seconds”. She goes on to say “Read more from the source.” Good idea.