Wrong end of the stick…

How to misquote: a lesson in bad journalism from Mobilemag.com. Nicola Bruno’s account of the Kodak DCS SLR/c review in Digital Photograph Review [sic] is a masterclass in not knowing your subject and freely chucking in partial snippets of quotes from somewhere else to produce a piece. And I quote: “The first 14 megapixel digital SLR” – it’s not 14Mp, and whatever it is, it’s got exactly the same sensor as the last Kodak dSLR; “The Kodak DCS Pro is now the second camera to have a true 35mm size sensor” – it’s not even called DCS Pro; “it’s also the only camera to support Canon mount lenses”; “the capability to capture images at 4560 x 3048, 19 of them in RAW format in only 1.7 seconds”. She goes on to say “Read more from the source.” Good idea.

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