Oh, José. Shut up.

Mourinho has to moan. It’s the law. But moaning about Del Horno’s red card is pointless. He probably shouldn’t have been on the pitch anyway, after his previous studs-in-the-knee challenge on Messi. At the very least both were worth a yellow. Ergo, he has to go.

Dope on wax! (er, clay…)

This is quite a mad one – and yet obvious when you think about it. Pottery from thousands of years ago carries an ambient recording superimposed into the work of the artesan. A Belgian team have managed to extract the recording from a 6,500 year-old South American vase and some 1,000 year-old Latin from another from ancient Pompeii (if my French understanding is to be believed…) Follow the link, check the video.

Hilarious comments on MacBook Pro shots

MacBook Pro packaging

The fanboy comments on this flickr set of a new MacBook <gasp> Pro <gasp> being taken out of its packaging <gasp> are just hilarious! “I wonder if they make that outer MacBook package from the same cloth as nano sleeve.” “I still store my PowerBook with that foam condom before I put it in my case” I hope he puts a condom on before he “uses” it as well…

Don’t get me wrong – this is a nice laptop. I want one. It just doesn’t get me to these heights of extacy. “Watch your words bro, you are talking about Apple.. Apple is not “just another PC company”…” Sorry bro.

Wooden Clock

This is a pretty nice piece: a wooden clock that looks just like a plain block of wood when switched off. But when you switch it on the digital numerals shine through… nice.