Barcelona humour.

22 arroba

Black humour, really. And I like black humour, but this is not that funny. I was having a quick peek at to see the lay of the land in the web/tech sector in Barcelona and it’s not a pretty sight:

– companies looking for experienced analyst/programmers and expecting to pay 900€ a month – that’s NET of tax, though!
– offers for PHP/MySQL jobs that then ask you to know Java, ASP a bit of C++ and why not? Photoshop and Flash as well! ***WTF does a self-respecting PHP coder want to know bleeding ASP for?***

When I came to Barcelona in 1999 I noted the difference between here and the UK, but suggested it would improve. It hasn’t, still. Of course, I go through this process [every year]( so maybe I should just let it go?