So I’ve finally – FINALLY! – moved from the WordPress theme I’ve had on this site for nearly FIVE years. For now I’ve just got a very standard Thematic-based child theme, but I’ll be working on that shortly. At least I can move some widgets around now!

Watch, as they say, this space…

exim vulnerability fun

Lots of fun over weekend for admins with not-quite-latest exim… I’m getting emails from various services saying their user information databases were compromised, which I assumes related to the rootkits that the vulnerability allows you to install. Which makes me wonder: how many sites are storing passwords unencrypted? If a user database is compromised, and the passwords are encrypted, it would only *really* affect people with stupid passwords. Anyway, here we go again, changing logins on god-knows-how-many systems…

Webshop launched

As the first example of my []( project, we’ve just launched []( which sells slightly mad t-shirt designs!


This is probably an oldie-but-goodie to a lot of web devs, but as search indexing bots don’t always send `HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE` to the server with the request, it will cause an error if you depend on its presence, which can and will be reflected in the search results, even though not in “any” browser.

Question Box: one-key, no-screen internet


This is an interesting idea, that seems slightly mad at first, then starts to make perfect sense once you think about it. Then it seems really obvious. Then it makes me think about that fact that I already provide this service to family members! Cool.

Flickr geotagging


I’m loving the Flickr geotagging, but obviously the problem comes with the fact that it was Yahoo! and not Google that bought Flickr… To be honest, for absolutely anywhere I’ve taken a photo, it’s almost impossible to pinpoint it on the Yahoo! “maps”. You’ve got *half* a chance with the satellite imagery, but it’s all very poor as compared with Google Maps. I’ll have to stick with loc.alize for now and import later.

Image blocking on RSS feeds.

It seems a little daft to me that you’d set up your RSS feed to include images, then block image download by referer, when by definition, the referer isn’t going to be the feed’s home site.