Unlocking T-Mobile Wireless Pointer (UK)


While I was in the UK, I bought a T-Mobile Wireless Pointer (which is quite a daft name for their Huawei E583C). The nicest thing about this, I think is the display that actually lets you know what’s going on without deciphering blinking LEDs of various colours. You can see signal strength, 3G confirmation, how many devices are connected by Wifi, how many SMSs are unread, connection status, battery level and which network you’re connected to just as easily as on your phone (on a cute little OLED display, a bit like the small screen on a clamshell.)

That was another good purchase – I’m on a roll! Anyway, getting back to Barcelona, obviously I need to unlock it and make it work with my Vodafone unlimited data plan.

I ended up using DC Unlocker which seems to Just Work. (Although: Windows required… <sigh>)

Vodafone Spain’s access info is, as googled in various places, as follows:

– APN: ac.vodafone.es
– User: vodafone
– Pass: vodafone