Nunoya: Japanese clothing in Barcelona

I recently helped out updating a friend’s online shop: Nunoya in Barcelona. As well as the obvious stock of kimono and other clothing items, they have some cool accessories. But my favourites are the Kokeshi, which I don’t remember having seen before – slightly mad (in a good way) dolls that look a bit like Russian dolls, but Japanese. And they don’t contain smaller versions of themselves, so actually, they’re nothing like Russian dolls!

[update: forgot to mention I did some photos of Sofia in kimonos for the site…]

Hmmm, tasty!

There’s this little Japanese bar on Muntaner just above Mallorca and I’d always seen it from the bus and thought I really must go there. Well, finally I did. I wish I hadn’t waited so long! The name is Catalan (Una Mica de JapĆ³) but the place is as authentic as I can imagine, taking into account I haven’t been to Japan.

What I noticed passing by on the TMB number 66 was that usually the people at the little bar were Japanese. Good sign. Anyway, recommended, if you want what I expect is what your mama would cook you at home, if your mama was Japanese.