So I’ve finally – FINALLY! – moved from the WordPress theme I’ve had on this site for nearly FIVE years. For now I’ve just got a very standard Thematic-based child theme, but I’ll be working on that shortly. At least I can move some widgets around now!

Watch, as they say, this space…

Starting as I mean to go on.

Uh-oh, a few hours into 2008 and I’m searching for wifi access points in Manchester. I’m not sure if that’s a good omen or a bad one.


Anyway, Happy New Year and if you’re a client, as you can see I’m just as connected as usual.

(And BTOpenzone… steep! Need to get sorted for Fon ASAP, although in Manchester there aren’t that many spots.)


Wow! We just got back from a tricky problem with the server… Gentoo (of which I’m *still* somewhat of a fan) decided to do some, er, *interesting* changes to config in the last emerge.

Thanks to Pete at Bytemark for some great help to get back online.

Less is more

The complete lack of design on this site is growing on me. Maybe I’ll just leave it like this…

WordPress 1.5 update

I’ve been threatening to upgrade this blog to WordPress 1.5 for a while, to bring it up to date with domipix and Brown Bear. Now I have, but the style is just a plain version of the theme from It’ll be changin’… has moved

I’ve now got this site running on my new server at Bytemark which I’ve been quite impressed with, so far. The only thing that I’ve noticed as a little slow is compilation of new stuff (I’m using Gentoo, so that’s obligatory) but what do you want with 64Mb?! That, of course, can be upgraded… Even Tomcat seems to run OK (no real testing done as yet).

Check Bytemark out if you want full root access to a well-connected server at a decent price.

dead fly

Now, I’m not sure what a design based on a dead fly (dying fly, actually, but I digress…) says about the site, but there you have it: CSS v.8. This is based 100% on the standard WordPress index.php, so upgrading should be painless.

(Slight) relaunch

I’ve moved the site over to a WordPress system, which so far has impressed me quite a bit. Not only is the system seemingly pretty robust and semantically-orientated, but the editing/admin system is just plain nice. I say (slight) relaunch, as the style really hasn’t changed much – that’s next on the list…

Design Flashback

I’ve gone back to an old design for this site. It’s a *bit* more designy than the last one and has a fixed width, but I think I like it more. The background is a version of some data visualisation I did a while back.