App Store not updating apps?

Mac App Store not updating your apps with “Please login to the account you purchased with” type errors? The simplest fix seems to be to just delete the app from your Applications folder. Refresh the Purchased page on the Mac App Store and now instead of Update, its button says “Install” (well, on mine it says “Instalar”, so whatever language you’re in.)

Seems to work consistently for me…

[Update: title changed to reflect how a human speaks…]

Safari 3 oops


Tiger update 10.4.11 installs Safari 3, which seems all well and good. But it left Safari almost completely unusable. I could trick it into showing me a page by Cmd-clicking to open the URL in a new tab, but neither just typing in the URL and hitting return, nor clicking a link from bookmarks would launch it.

I noticed on Zeldman that he was having the same issue (albeit more seriously, leading to instant crash) to which a commentor suggested removing InputManagers. I removed just PicLens which cleared up the problem. Needless to say, the latest version of PicLens doesn’t have this problem.