How blatant?

Check the copy on for possibly the most blatantly shameless sales pitch ever!

>Can’t deliver the traffic you promised or even charged your clients for? Our Fake traffic script can not only deliver the traffic you promised, but you can change the referring website to your own or ANY other site to make it even more unique! Send fake visitors to your clients websites! Try our fake hits script now!

0 Replies to “How blatant?”

  1. I dont even remember how i reached your site but it doesnt matter, cause i’m so happy i found it, it really made me think, keep up the good work

  2. A very very nice site with helpful informations! So keep up the good work – I already added the site to my personal favourites. All the best!

  3. – – – = = = H i ! _ G a y s _ T h a n k _ y o u _ f o r _ s u c h _ a n _ i n f o r m a t i v e _ w e b s i t e . . V e r i _ i n t e r e s t i n _ a n _ e a y _ t o _ c o m p r e h e n d – T h a n x ! – – = = A l l , N i c e _ s i t e , _ I _h a v e _ b e e n _ s e e i n g _ s o m e _ r e a l l y i n t e r e s t i n g _ c o m m e n t s . . . _ g o i n g _ t o _ t e l l _ m e _ f r i e n d _ l o u i s e _ a b o u t _ t h i s _ s i t e ! ! = = = – – –

  4. Your site is also very interesting, very calming effect just reading it. Will spend more time with certain areas. Well done and good luck with your work.

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