iPod Photo: what a let-down

What’s the point? I was kinda sorta thinking about the possibility of an iPod Photo before they came out. I don’t know why – I’m not a big Apple fan or anything. But having seen what it can(‘t) do, I have to conclude: naaah… The lack of a CF slot: that’s an important one for me, but I doubt I was very seriously expecting it to be included. But the fact that you have to get photos on there using iTunes? As opposed to just copying them over as a standard mass storage device? Can that be right? And in the same way, if you *do* use an add-on card reader, you can’t view the image files, even if you do happen to shoot JPEG. iTunes uses its own thumbnail format to allow you to view the things on the iPod.

So, what’s the point? It’s only really nice as a normal iPod, but with the addition of a nice colour screen that can show album art. But for photos, it seems it’s just a toy.

62 Replies to “iPod Photo: what a let-down”

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