Solid State Stress Reliever

I’d read a few blog posts here and there about how swapping your old MacBook’s hard drive for an SSD made amazing improvements, so I decided to give that a go. My 2006 MacBook is definitely creaking, but I don’t work mobile that much, and I can usually use the iPad for whatever I need to really get done before I get back to HQ. (Which is to say, I haven’t quite found sufficient excuse to buy a new MacBook, Air, Pro, or otherwise…)

So, I got a Crucial M4 from Amazon. On swapping that in for the (already upgraded) hard drive the improvement was way past my expectations. Instant app startup is something you don’t want to lose once you have it! My iMac’s main (or usually, *only*) bottleneck is the hard drive. Now my BlackBook is starting apps seemingly faster than that, even though there’s a difference of four times the memory, and four times the cores (if you allow hyper-threading into the equation).

I need to have a word with my local Apple specialists about changing my iMac HD for an SSD…

Nice one, Crucial, and SSDs in general!

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