Bluetooth headphone adaptor

This has been one of my better buying decisions recently. I was looking at Sennheiser Bluetooth headphones, but as I have a few pretty decent ear-canal phones, Sennheiser headphones and others it seemed a little wasteful. So I started looking for a BT adaptor. Sony devices were getting good reviews, so I looked at the MW-600. Reduced from 50 squid on Amazon to 35, it was surely worth a punt… And it was. I’m loving it.

I was expecting the included earphones to be a throwaway, but actually, they’re pretty good. They’re certainly not accurate, per se, but tuned to be enjoyable, rather than precise. They’re on a very short cable which is good for not getting it wrapped around you or snagged on anything. (It’s so short I can barely focus on the screen at full stretch!) Pretty cool being able to put the iPad back in my bag and keep playing, with full control as well.

You can have it paired with 3 devices, so you can switch between them without any drama. I’ve got it on iPad, iPod touch and Macbook, and it’s seamless.

The only thing that’s a bit annoying is that the volume control – a touch-sensitive affair – is a little bit fussy. Sometimes I struggle to make it change, and sometimes it shoots to maximum or minimum volume almost instantly.

Like I said, this has been a good buying decision, and cheap as chips.