Knobs 'n' stuff

I’m looking around for music control surfaces, leaning towards Behringer’s B-Controls, especially the flying-faders-equipped BCF2000. But I have to wonder: are they going to come out with a daddy unit for this series? Like a box that contains the faders version *and* the rotary one? Or 2 of each? And if not, why not? In any case, could I just buy the bits and stick ’em together in a bigger case? Watch this space…

Yet more knobs! Hurrah!

Cantar-X, from Aaton, looks v. nice. I don’t *need* it, but, well, I *do* need it actually. 24bit, 96KHz HDD recording! 18 simultaneous inputs! Dustproof and waterproof six linear fader mixer! DVD+R! Bluetooth! Modulometers! (Eh?)

Stroke that lemur!

This looks really cool as a control surface where you don’t have to choose upfront how many faders you need versus how many knobs. (Ah, the age-old “how many knobs will I need?” debate…)

Sandisk Photo Album

I like the look of this. When I first saw it (and for that matter when I first saw the original version ages back) I thought how cool it would be if you could just plug in a USB hard drive. I didn’t notice at first, but it turns out this version accepts USB flash drives, so there’s a good chance that it’ll work with a spinning version, no? Or am I just hoping? They mention their Cruzer drives, of course. Anyway, I don’t know if there’s any intrinsic technical difference between a USB flash or hard drives, but why would there be? (So many questions in this post…) Here’s hoping.

Also interesting is the second CF slot, which can store reduced-resolution versions of user-selected images specifically for TV viewing. Handy.