Sanshirou – thanks for nothing

*I don’t normally like to spread around the negativity, but I just felt like writing this up.*

For my sushi, sashimi or maki fix in Barcelona, I go to a Japanese restaurant just up the road from home – the Sanshirou of the post title – and while it’s not bad, it’s nothing outstanding. Sofia loves the conveyor belt, for the novelty of course, and also she does like her sushi quite a bit. Japanese restaurants seem to be the big growth industry in Barcelona at the moment, although they’re mostly run by Chinese people, it seems. I just went up there a little late (about 16:15) and asked what time they stopped the buffet; I was told 16:30, so I popped out to wait outside – don’t ask why, whole other story – and popped back in just before 16:30. The young bloke who works there – looks a bit studenty, has a bit of an attitude problem – said it was closed. Now I said I just asked the waitress and she said four-thirty, and it’s not yet four-thirty. He said again it’s closed with classic annoying kid gestures – rich kid I reckon, the boss’s son? Maybe… I said again, well, it’s a bit harsh, to which he said “adéu” and turned on his heel. The only reason I point this out is that I go to the place several times a month, paying the slightly high prices for the fairly average food and it ticks me off a bit. And most likely, if you’re searching for sushi in Barcelona, this post will come higher up the rankings than most restaurants here – have you ever tried to google for products or services in Barcelona? (Or in Spain in general, probably.) It’s like SEO never happened! So, yeah, I’ll be going somewhere else for my raw-fish-on-rice requirements, sorry Sanshirou.

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