exim vulnerability fun

Lots of fun over weekend for admins with not-quite-latest exim… I’m getting emails from various services saying their user information databases were compromised, which I assumes related to the rootkits that the vulnerability allows you to install. Which makes me wonder: how many sites are storing passwords unencrypted? If a user database is compromised, and the passwords are encrypted, it would only *really* affect people with stupid passwords. Anyway, here we go again, changing logins on god-knows-how-many systems…

iPhone SDK 3.0 beta 3

Beta 3 is out and the new OS fixes the non-working Youtube from the previous beta.

[Update: and also breaks syncing, which now hangs on “Syncing contacts…”]

[Update2: Seems like the contacts syncing hang was a temporary issue…]

Webshop launched

As the first example of my [Tienda.co.uk](http://tienda.co.uk/) project, we’ve just launched [slant1996.com](http://www.slant1996.com) which sells slightly mad t-shirt designs!

Nunoya: Japanese clothing in Barcelona

I recently helped out updating a friend’s online shop: Nunoya in Barcelona. As well as the obvious stock of kimono and other clothing items, they have some cool accessories. But my favourites are the Kokeshi, which I don’t remember having seen before – slightly mad (in a good way) dolls that look a bit like Russian dolls, but Japanese. And they don’t contain smaller versions of themselves, so actually, they’re nothing like Russian dolls!

[update: forgot to mention I did some photos of Sofia in kimonos for the site…]

Arthur C. Clarke

Arthur C. Clarke

Hero to every geek, most likely, and certainly one of mine.

90 isn’t a bad age for anyone, I think, and if you happen to be able meld science fiction and “real” science for most of that time, unbeatable. I think the fact that he wrote sci-fi that was so fact-checked and rigourous that it forms the basis of modern life is inspirational on so many levels. (Like now, sat in a hotel, using a phone to make a connection, seems like a very “Arthur moment” ;)

To infinity and beyond, brother!

Question Box: one-key, no-screen internet


This is an interesting idea, that seems slightly mad at first, then starts to make perfect sense once you think about it. Then it seems really obvious. Then it makes me think about that fact that I already provide this service to family members! Cool.

Saddam: a tribute

The Guardian’s _comment is free…_ has a nice piece entitled Saddam: a tribute by David Cox in which he talks about the frightening slide of Iraq from unacceptable repression into completely unmanageable chaos on the way to Armageddon.

Image blocking on RSS feeds.

It seems a little daft to me that you’d set up your RSS feed to include images, then block image download by referer, when by definition, the referer isn’t going to be the feed’s home site.